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Welcome to the Eaton Square Perspectives video library. Our Principals from across the globe address pressing issues and latest news in Private Equity, US Private Debt, cross-border M&A, and trends in IT, Engineering, Services and Biotechnology. Browse the videos and read the full transcript by clicking "Read more" below the videos.

Debt and Equity Market's Impact on Cross-border M&A


In these unprecedented times, we know how quickly things change, especially in the finance sector. Here’s an update of how debt and equity markets in New York evolved.

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How Has COVID-19 Impacted US Private Debt Availability?


In this episode of Eaton Square Perspectives, Stefan Shaffer, Managing Partner and Principal from New York, discusses how the current crisis has affected US Private Debt.

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What can company owners do now, if they are thinking of selling their firms later in the year?


In this brief 5-min video, our Principals from different parts of the world try to answer the most pressing questions business owners might have right now.

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