Our Clients

Services Firms

The global services market is valued at over US$5 trillion dollars and is growing more strongly than the broader economy.

Within this sector, we focus on assisting clients in the following sectors:

  • Engineering including mining, healthcare and oil and gas services
  • Management consulting
  • IT Services and Information Security
  • HR services including HR consulting, recruiting and outplacement

Here we have two main sets of clients.

The first are small and medium sized services firms that are looking for a new ‘bigger home’ by being acquired by a larger services firm. These firms are typically $5m to $200m in turnover in Asia, Australia and North America. We help smaller firms ready themselves for sale, identify potential acquirers, negotiate sale terms and manage the sales transaction.

The second set of clients are large international services businesses that are looking to make targeted acquisitions in Asia, Australia and North America. We help these clients find, attract and secure acquisitions prior to them fully engaging their international M&A teams.

Technology Firms

Technology innovation in Asia, Australia and North America is at an all time high.

Within this sector we are focused on software and technology firms for the following sectors:

  • IT and communications
  • Data security and encryption
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and natural resources including mining, oil and gas and utilities
  • Large asset owners and utilities

The first group, software and technology firms, are clients that are either looking for capital to grow or are looking to capitalize on their success by selling their business. Often technology companies are looking for larger sales and support channels for their unique technology.

The second group of clients in this sector are large multinational firms looking for technology and IP that will differentiate their offering. Often a small acquisition can be multiplied many times in size once it is ‘housed’ within a bigger company.

International Investors

Eaton Square helps international investors and companies to grow their presence in Asia, Australia, North America and Israel.

Our investor clients are typically high net worth individuals, smaller institutions or family trusts from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore seeking exposure to Australian and North American businesses.

Investments range from $5m to $200m.

Some investor clients take an active role in supporting their investments. Others are more passive according to their requirements.

Where appropriate we can also assist investors to install qualified investment managers and board members as local representatives for their interests.

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