Private Debt

Private Debt

With SPP Capital Partners in New York, we can provide private debt and equity as growth capital for established middle market companies in the US, Canada and Asia Pacific. We offer access to funding anywhere between $15 million to $500 million per transaction in companies with EBITDA of $8 million or more.
We manage all aspects of the financing process from the development of offering materials through the negotiation of key terms, closing documentation and funding, allowing our clients to focus on running their business.
Within SPP’s extensive network of more than 700 leading debt and equity providers, we can provide:
  • Full Spectrum of Private Capital Market Financing Structures:
    o Senior and Subordinated Debt, Asset-Backed & Cash Flow, Syndicated & “Club” Facilities, Last Out, Second Lien, Split Lien, Unitranche, Alternative Mezzanine Instruments, Structured Preferred and Common Equity;
  • Portfolio Company Refinancing and Platform Acquisitions;
  • Dividend Recapitalizations;
  • Regular Portfolio Review (Optimal Capitalization Analysis);
  • Growth Capital Injections; and
  • New Fund Acquisitions.
  • Net Asset Value (“NAV”) Loans and fund level financing.

Note: All US Securities offered through SPP Capital Partners, LLC

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Private Debt Sydney
In addition to sourcing debt in the US we can assist Australian mid-market companies source finance in Australia from the Bank and non-Bank sectors. In recent years non-Bank institutions, Family Offices, Investment Funds etc have become active in the Corporate Debt market driven by a number of factors affecting Banks in Australia. Factors such as tech disruption in the sector , changes in Prudential guidelines , the Banking Royal Commission and now COVID-19 have influenced Banks appetite for new business loans. Talk to our team if you are seeking:
  • Acquisition Finance
  • Asset Backed Financing
  • Equipment Finance
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Refinancing
  • Recapitalisation
  • Working Capital

Extensive Capital network

Private Equity FundsPrivate Equity Funds
Commercial BanksCommercial Banks
Non-Bank Direct LendersNon-Bank Direct Lenders
Family Offices & Growth Equity FundsFamily Offices & Growth Equity Funds
Credit Opportunity FundsCredit Opportunity Funds
Insurance CompaniesInsurance Companies
Business Development CompaniesBusiness Development Companies (BDCs)

Hedge Funds

Traditional LP Mezzanine FundsTraditional LP Mezzanine Funds
Small Business Investment CompaniesSmall Business Investment Companies (SBICs)
Equity Co-Investment FundsEquity Co-Investment Funds
Insurance Companies & Pension FundsInsurance Companies & Pension Funds

Net Asset Value (NAV) Loans

NAV loans provide capital to portfolio companies by relying on the value of the Sponsor’s performing portfolio collateral.
Net Asset Value
NAV loans differ from traditional subscription facilities (capital call lines) in that they do not rely on uncalled capital; alternatively, NAV loans look to the value of the fund’s portfolio and provide companies that have equity-like needs with access to non-dilutive capital at a debt-like cost
  • NAV structures are particularly useful for funds that are near, or past, the end of their investment period.
  • NAV loans are also helpful to take advantage of “opportunistic” deals that have recently emerged.
  • NAV loans can accommodate a diverse variety of circumstances, and accordingly, are highly-negotiated.
Securities offered through SPP Capital Partners,
LLC: 550 5th Ave., 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

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