Specialist and boutique firms – seven lessons for a successful exit
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Specialist and boutique firms M&A – what route to exit?

I penned a similar post about three years ago and got some great feedback then. Since then the M&...

5 Things to consider when you receive unsolicited M&A interest
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Five Things to Consider if you Receive Unsolicited M&A Interest

Business owners, particularly first-time sellers who receive unsolicited interest in acquiring their...

Thinking of selling your business
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Thinking of selling your business in FY20?

The end of the financial year is typically a time to contemplate the future, so if you are thinking ...

Is your business sale ready
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Is your Business Sale-ready?

We see many owners who are contemplating a sale. Many are ready, but many more are unprepared and ca...

Hot M&A Sectors
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Four Hot M&A Sectors Right Now!

One of the keys to selling a company is timing the sale to coincide with what buyers want to buy. ...

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Engineering Companies Turn to M&A to Fuel Growth

The global engineering sector is in a good place. An infrastructure spending boom is coinciding with...