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How is Covid-19 Impacting M&A and Capital Raising

It is clear that the next few months will be a new business environment for us all and we thought it...

Sale Process
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How to de-stress and enjoy the sale process

I have worked on both buy-side and sell-side mandates for over thirty years. And like everything els...

Programmatic MA
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Sustained M&A Programs Outperform Sporadic Forays and Benign Neglect

With the start of the new year, we often get asked what Merger and Acquisitions strategy is the most...

M&A Prices Are Up
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M&A Prices are Up! Here’s why.

This may sound odd, given the global economic headlines, but M&A prices are up! We are seeing...

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Video Editing Businesses are in Huge Demand for Acquisitions

The explosion in video-based content for consumers and corporations is driving significant demand fo...

Specialist and boutique firms – seven lessons for a successful exit
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Specialist and boutique firms M&A – what route to exit?

I penned a similar post about three years ago and got some great feedback then. Since then the M&...