Author: Neil Bourne

Why You Should Think About Acquisitions for Your 2021 Recovery Plans
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Why you should think about acquisitions for your 2021 recovery plans

We are seeing a resurgence in interest in mergers and acquisitions whether from offshore or domestic...

Debt Market Liquidity Returning to Recover
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Debt Market Liquidity Returning to Recover

July saw the US debt markets continuing to rebound in stark contrast to most western economies and A...

When the wind changes will your business be sale ready?
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When the winds change will your business be sale-ready?

Uncertain times lie ahead in the global economy and many business owners are re-evaluating their exi...

Programmatic MA
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Sustained M&A Programs Outperform Sporadic Forays and Benign Neglect

With the start of the new year, we often get asked what Merger and Acquisitions strategy is the most...

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