The engineering sector is a key focus for Eaton Square. In recent days, we had the opportunity to meet with the CEOs or heads of M&A with ten of the world’s leading engineering firms to understand how COVID is impacting their M&A and operational plans.


Following these meetings, we were then able to run a series of ‘fire-side chats’ with small groups of CEOs from mid-market engineering firms to share the learnings from the global firms and explore what opportunities and challenges this provides for smaller firms, especially those contemplating an exit in the coming years.


Based on the great success of these sessions in Asia-Pacific, we are now inviting mid-market engineering firms in the US, Canada and Europe to also join us for a one-hour discussion where we can share some of the insights we have found.

These insights will address:

  • How important is M&A to large engineering firms post-COVID?
  • What sectors are the most important post-COVID?
  • What size of firms are international acquirers targeting?
  • Which geographies are most important?
  • What operational changes are the large players making to deal with COVID?

The following video provides a brief summary of the findings, but we would welcome you to join us for a one-hour briefing by choosing a session time of your choice by clicking here: Join a Fireside Chat.

Reece Adnams

Global Managing Principal and CEO

Reece Adnams is the CEO and Global Managing Principal of Eaton Square, a Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Services advisor for technology, services and other growth companies founded in 2008.

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