We would like to congratulate CIS Credit Solutions on its successful credit closing through SPP Capital.

Consolidated Information Services (CIS) Credit Solutions is a provider of outsourced credit reporting services to the residential mortgage originations industry.

Through our New York partner, SPP Capital Partners, CIS Credit Solutions was able to access capital from Senior and Subordinated Credit Facilities.

We are also pleased to announce TechLab’s successful funding through SPP Capital.

TechLab is a provider of diagnostic testing products. TechLab is a portfolio company of Pharos Capital Group. The firm designs, develops, and manufactures enteric diagnostics that are distributed worldwide.

TechLab sourced its funding through SPP Capital Partners’ Senior Credit Facilities.

Eaton Square

Eaton Square is an international cross-border M&A and capital service provider with operations in 21 offices with over 70 M&A and capital professionals across US, Canada, China & Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia.
We assist growth-oriented, technology, services and PE businesses to:
  • Capitalise on the value they have built in their business
  • Undertake mergers and acquisitions
  • Access the debt or equity capital they need to grow and expand


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Reece Adnams

Global Managing Principal and CEO

Reece Adnams is the CEO and Global Managing Principal of Eaton Square, a Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Services advisor for technology, services and other growth companies founded in 2008.

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