Author: Warren Riddell

Realising your exit
Posted on in M&A News
Realising your Exit in moments of dislocation

Sitting in our individual home offices in associated geographies on our weekly group video call, the...

Sale Process
Posted on in M&A News
How to de-stress and enjoy the sale process

I have worked on both buy-side and sell-side mandates for over thirty years. And like everything els...

Specialist and boutique firms – seven lessons for a successful exit
Posted on in M&A News
Specialist and boutique firms M&A – what route to exit?

I penned a similar post about three years ago and got some great feedback then. Since then the M&...

Thinking of selling your business
Posted on in M&A News
Thinking of selling your business in FY20?

The end of the financial year is typically a time to contemplate the future, so if you are thinking ...

Is your business sale ready
Posted on in M&A News
Is your Business Sale-ready?

We see many owners who are contemplating a sale. Many are ready, but many more are unprepared and ca...

Eaton Square Business Valuation
Posted on in Valuation
What is your business worth?

Strategies to increase the valuation multiple Despite what the experts say, valuing a business is a...

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