Eaton Square would like to congratulate the shareholders of Onyx Projects on the recent sale of their firm to Sedgman.

Onyx Projects was advised by Mark Goodwin, Managing Principal (Perth) and Roger Collins-Woolcock, Principal (Brisbane).

Eaton Square would like to congratulate the shareholders of Onyx Projects on the recent sale of their firm to Sedgman.Established in 2007, Onyx Projects has a long-standing reputation, specialist technical capabilities and experience in the iron ore industry. Sedgman is a leading provider of integrated minerals processing solutions and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIMIC Group Limited – an engineering-led construction, mining, services and public private partnerships leader.




Sedgman Managing Director Grant Fraser said: “We welcome the Onyx Projects people to the team and we’re looking forward to working with them. The addition of Onyx Projects to Sedgman will allow us to increase our offering while complementing Sedgman’s existing capabilities to provide our clients with a broader service offering.”

Onyx Projects Managing Director Ian Beaumont said: “In Sedgman, we are pleased to find a strategic partner that complements our current services, expands our capability and offers new opportunities to our personnel and our clients”.

“We would like to congratulate Onyx Projects and Sedgman on this great outcome. Onyx Projects’s technical capabilities in the iron ore industry and long-standing reputation in Western Australia will further strengthen Sedgman’s minerals processing expertise”, noted Mark Goodwin, Managing Principal at Eaton Square.


Sedgman and Onyx Projects will work through a transition process focused on the continuity of service to clients.

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