Sale Process
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How to de-stress and enjoy the sale process

I have worked on both buy-side and sell-side mandates for over thirty years. And like everything els...

Programmatic MA
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Sustained M&A Programs Outperform Sporadic Forays and Benign Neglect

With the start of the new year, we often get asked what Merger and Acquisitions strategy is the most...

M&A Prices Are Up
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M&A Prices are Up! Here’s why.

This may sound odd, given the global economic headlines, but M&A prices are up! We are seeing...

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Specialist and boutique firms – seven lessons for a successful exit
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大约三年前我写了一篇类似的帖子,然后得到了一些很好的反馈。从那以后,并购市场一直在变化,我想我会在原来的帖子中添加一些进一步的反思和观察。 专业公司和精品公司的增长战略可能充满矛盾和冲突。公司的增长潜...

5 Things to consider when you receive unsolicited M&A interest
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针对客户主动提出的并购意向所需考虑的 5个问题

企业主,特别是那些收到客户主动报价的首次卖家,可能会想知道如何应对这样的事件,并对这样不熟悉的流程享有一定程度的控制权。 根据我们的经验,当企业主在面临这种情况时,我们建议考虑以下五个关键因素:...