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The top buyer was prepared to complete the transaction by the end of October – in time for the heating season. The sale met the owner’s financial and personal objectives and he and his wife were able to retire and enjoy their Florida residence while their son started his college career. The owner was delighted with the outcome and the buyer was impressed by the way the process was handled.

Our objectives were to fund our retirement by extracting risk free money from value of the business, while staying active with a partner who would fund and support growth initiatives. respecting our objectives, the team lead us in negotiating a sale that exceeded all hopes. We enjoyed a huge ROI from investing in John to manage our sale strategically prepared unearthed and explained the true underlying value  and navigating us to a great result find effective solutions to every obstacle delivered on many opportunities to win value for us. Our sale was completed at more than twice the value of initial offers and what we had thought to be an attainable value. We highly recommend John and his team to other business owners who may look to selling their business.

Roger Walker CEO of Citadel Technologies

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