EBITDA a Key Indicator of Your Company's Value
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EBITDA: a Key Indicator of Your Company’s Value

EBITDA is a very helpful tool for assessing a business’ market value and marketability, but it does ...

Rebounding Economy, Higher Taxes Might Accelerate Your Business Sale Timeline
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Rebounding Economy Might Accelerate Your Business Sale Timeline

While conventional wisdom holds that you should delay selling your business until the economy bounce...

Why You Should Think About Acquisitions for Your 2021 Recovery Plans
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Why you should think about acquisitions for your 2021 recovery plans

We are seeing a resurgence in interest in mergers and acquisitions whether from offshore or domestic...

11 Firms Acquirers Are Looking To Buy
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11 Firms Acquirers are Looking to Buy Right Now

We asked our Principals from across the globe to identify the types of firms that are most in-demand...

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我问华盛顿特区负责人兼并购消息来源的研究员泰勒·迪瓦恩(Taylor Devine)的签名。

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我们的许多客户都渴望了解市场上是否仍然有买家,以及COVID ...