How a large single-country engineering company sold to a

leading global services firm

The Solution:

The client engaged Eaton Square to identify a global firm to acquire their company. It was important that this was a global search into order to find the best fit, both strategically and culturally.

Eaton Square used its global network to contact over thirty carefully selected international engineering groups, across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Groups demonstrating a strong interest then entered into a confidentiality deed before accessing the information memorandum and having the opportunity to meet with the firm’s leaders.

We see this as a continuation of the global consolidation of the engineering services sector. Global companies are keen to attract specialized IP based businesses. These specialized firms can benefit from the acquirers global reach and balance sheet for larger projects

- Roger Collins-Woolcock Principal, Eaton Square, Brisbane

Cross-border transactions are the norm in the engineering services sector now, which is why it has been important for us to grow our offices in Canada, the US, London, Asia and Australia.

- Reece Adnams CEO, Eaton Square

… it was critical that we found the right buyer to carry our heritage and current staff’s aspirations and talents into the future. With the engineering sector continuing to globalise and consolidate at  a heady pace, it was crucial for us to join a firm that had the resources and backing to win important projects locally and overseas. Eaton Square enabled us to reach globally to contact potential buyers and understood our varying shareholders’ needs when evaluating the pros and cons of potential transactions. 

– Managing Director

Advisory Team