John Zayac Receives Prestigious Darrel Fouts Award

We are delighted to share that John Zayac, our Principal from Colorado, received the Top M&A Source Award for 2023.

IBG Business co-founder and Eaton Square Principal, John R. Zayac has received the prestigious Darrell Fouts Award for “visionary leadership and contributions” in the M&A profession.

The award was presented October 18 at the M&A Source 2023 fall conference in Charlotte, NC.

The managing partner of IBG’s Colorado office and a principal with the international M&A firm Eaton Square, John Zayac has been an instrumental leader since 1985 in the advancement of the M&A profession. He has taught, served on boards, and helped create goodwill and interfaces among groups in the profession.

Through his long-term role as chairman of the M&A profession’s Business Intermediary Education Foundation, John helped lead the successful effort in gaining Congressional approval of a federal registration exemption for M&A brokers and advisors (HR 2617: “Registration Exemption for Merger and Acquisition Brokers”). John and other industry leaders worked for two decades to educate and persuade Congressional leaders and regulators regarding the importance of this change, which was passed in December 2022.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we recognize John’s pivotal role in shaping the future of M&A. Congratulations on a well-deserved recognition, and here’s to the continued impact of your leadership”, Reece Adnams, CEO.

About John Zayac

John ZayacJohn Zayac is a Principal at Eaton Square. He founded International Business Group in 1986 to provide the mid-market business seller with the high-quality resources and sophisticated M&A service traditionally reserved for firms valued over $100 million.

From IBG’s inception, John’s vision was to build it into the merger and acquisition industry’s most comprehensive provider of acquisition advisory services for mid-market business sellers. His oversight of handling each client from start to finish built a record of success as a business intermediary, including hundreds of completed transactions in manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.

Learn more about John Zayac here.

About the Darrell Fouts Award

The Darrell Fouts Award has been presented annually since 2001 to an M&A professional who has led visionary advances and made exceptional accomplishments to uplift and expand the mergers and acquisitions profession.

In 1992, Darrell Fouts founded the M&A Source as a specialty section of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). His purpose was to enhance the professionalism and success of brokers and advisors engaged in middle market business transactions. Since its founding, the M&A Source has become a leading M&A professional association, providing education, benefits, conferences, support programs, and networking opportunities. In addition, the M&A Source grants to qualified advisors the Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary® (M&AMI®) designation.

Reece Adnams

Global Managing Principal and CEO

Reece Adnams is the CEO and Global Managing Principal of Eaton Square, a Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Services advisor for technology, services and other growth companies founded in 2008.

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