Nick Kelly

Nick is a Europe-based Eaton Square Principal who assists cyber security technology companies to build their operations in new markets, acquire capital, grow their teams, and assist them in their product and service direction. Particularly of interest are cross-border buy side / sell side cyber services transactions and cyber product capital raises in early to mid stage.

Currently also working with European cyber services and product entities building capacities and resilience in military, private sector, and public-private partnership frameworks. He previously founded a services firm in Asia which assisted clients in the private, public and international development sectors build, acquire, and develop functional, training, cybersecurity, and staff development duties in emerging markets.

He is an active member and occasional panelist for the European Union commissioned European Cyber Security Organisation, a public sector funded initiative designed to drive the cybersecurity economy forward in Europe through capital connection. Nick can be heard on his podcast, Secure In Mind, where he talks about risk and security with leaders from a variety of disciplines (from Dr Anthony Fauci regarding immunological and pandemic risks through to Nobel Prize winner Beatrice Fihn regarding Nuclear Arms risks).