South Africa
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Global Market Eyeing Opportunities in South Africa

Despite global economic headwinds, multinationals still view Africa as the next big market. South Af...

PE to PE Exits
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The Rising Popularity of PE to PE Exits via Secondary Buyouts

In times past, private equity firms achieved “good” exits for their portfolio companies via public m...

SBO adding value for Buyers and Sellers
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Secondary Buyouts Adding Value for Buyers and Sellers

Secondary buyout transactions where private equity sells assets to other private can create value fo...

SBO Accelerating end-of-life PE
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Secondary Buyouts Accelerating end-of-life Private Equity Exits

Secondary Buyouts: Key opportunity for realising assets in end-of-life Private Equity portfolios Pr...

Issues Public Companies
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Issues for public companies considering delisting

Following on from our recent commentary on the opportunities for companies moving from the public to...