Chadwick Hagan

Chad is a managing partner at Hagan Capital Group (HCG), a single family office and capital markets firm with offices in Atlanta and London, England. He has over twenty years experience in direct investing, corporate finance, M&A and capital markets.

His background and practice include:

  • Successfully lead four year cross-board IPO syndication and new issue trading endeavor for family office fund in American, Canadian, British and Korean markets;
  • Seven years leading middle market healthcare enterprises M&A unit, divesting millions of healthcare assets in the Southeastern United States and setting regional market prices for SNF cost per bed price;
  • Direct investment and on-going operations management in cross-border upmarket food and beverage businesses, including distillation of spirits, imports and distribution, and suppliers to royal households and Michelin starred restaurants;
  • Financial engineering and architecture of financial management vehicles including off-shore captive, offshore special purchase vehicles; family foundations and trust companies;
  • Lead bankruptcy recapitalisation efforts of the largest vertically integrated apparel company in the United States (2015-2016);
  • Co-lead exploratory team effort to purchase NBA franchise and Premier League team in 2017 with family office investment group;