Co-working office space 2.0

SeaTac is a modern, natural evolution of the coworking phenomenon.  The  offering  combines  a  ‘best  in  class’  professional  atmosphere with leading edge technology. Modular choices offer members the flexibility  to choose the ideal environment for their dynamic work needs,  supported by ‘high touch’ concierge and tech service from an on-site  team. A ‘one roof’ concept includes an in-house coffee shop, common  areas, shared & private work spaces, private meeting and boardroom  spaces, and formal conference facilities. Unique, high value, highly cost  competitive, market disrupting pricing model – by the hour to 24/7.  SeaTac is the work space of the future, TODAY, for solo entrepreneurs  to senior executives of the largest enterprises to work & conduct business.

SeaTac is alive NOW in Seattle with an operational facility opened in February 2017. Investment funds are being sought to expand the offering in the Seattle area.  This will include expansion of the Existing facility, opening 2 new Express Units in Seattle, opening 2 new Standard facilities in the Seattle area,  and enhancing infrastructure to support multiple sites.

SeaTac’s proposition provides high access urban and suburban transit  centric locations in key retail style environments conveniently  accessible with high walkability and adjacent amenities and often free or low cost parking where the modern mobile professional WANTS to work & conduct business. Best in class partners have been strategically selected to supply  infrastructure such as lighting (Philips), furniture (Steelcase), and  business services (FedEx Office).

Experienced Management Team

Founder 1 – Over 30 years of senior level, international management  and business development experience leading teams to success.

Founder 2 – Over 35 years of experience as a principal in urban retail  and mixed use commercial real estate development.

Financial Forecast

  • Opportunity is to invest/fund  $12m
  • $3.4 Million Seed – Convertible Notes
  • Already revenue generating, unique business and strategic partner  models creates exceptional competitive advantage with EBITDA
  • Will suit investors seeking SaaS-based market model, familiar with  MRR model, and understanding inventory management businesses
  • Cash Flow investment B/E expected in  2020.

Market Growth

The total global addressable market for SeaTac is estimated to be in excess of $5bn (USD).

“This fast growing new sub sector of the real estate market has  become one of the largest start-up segments, hiding in plain  sight.” — Forbes 3/10/16

“Creative co-working spaces have grown by 195% annually over the  last five years… That is where the majority of growth will come.”

JLL Research BizNow 3/29/16

“The U.S. Coworking industry now totals 27 million square feet. 928k  square feet was leased in 2016’s first quarter alone, and the pipeline  of potential customer demand is only expected to  increase….”

JLL Spring 2016

“A typical corporate desk costs $30,000+ annually to maintain fully  burdened…& 55% of all office desks are UNOCCUPIED in any given  work day.” — Regus 2012 Survey

“Coworking is said to improve productivity, with 71% of workers  saying they feel more creative in a coworking space and 68% saying  they are able to focus more.” – May 2017

“Changing business priorities and the need to attract talented  people, reduce real estate costs, improve speed to innovation and  increase productivity are driving corporations to consider different  workplace models, including on- and off-site coworking.” HO+K 2016

Strategic Highlights

Differentiated through high quality, easy access, flexible membership, exceptional partners, while meeting the needs of corporate, small business, and project-based businesses alike.

Multiple monthly recurring revenue (MRR) streams.

Strong upside potential with top tier strategic partners in place  and others in play along with additional third party offerings.

Increasingly global application.

Diverse location strategy with full-service offering makes a high barrier to entry for new competitors to rival at scale.

Roll-out plan developed with additional opportunity for strategic  investor to influence and improve the metrics.

Sale / Investment Method

Institutional Investor Offering: US$12 million


Andrew Light
Managing Principal, North America
Toronto, Canada