Edson is a SaaS-based software provider that brings trust and transparency to the automotive service industry, an industry not known for either. The cloud-based software runs on tablets and smart phones and takes actual photos and videos of the recommended repairs on a customer’s vehicle. These photos and videos are texted or emailed to the car owner, improving clarity, understanding and trust.

When a garage or dealer service centre uses Edson for digital inspection, revenue increases of 10 – 25% are common. This represents $10,000 – $20,000/month in additional revenue, at an average cost of $500/month. Furthermore, there are significant efficiency gains and savings through automation.


  • Edson is a SaaS priced 100% cloud-based system that runs on tablets, smart phones and desktops
  • REACT JS software platform, same as Facebook
  • Mongo database is encrypted both in transit via HTTPS and at rest on the physical drive
  • Hosted by Rackspace and Amazon


CEO: 25+ year track record of growing software companies, building and motivating sales teams globally for high-tech companies. Has significant experience in M&A and venture fundraising.

Board Member and Investor: Member of the Young President’s Organization, successfully launched, grew and sold numerous businesses for >$50M including Biox Corp. and Imbrium Systems Group.

Board Member and Investor: Retired CEO of Cooper Tires with extensive auto industry knowledge and a proven `C` level door opener. Has been a Director at AGCO Corp. since 2013.

Financial Highlights/Summary


Market Opportunity

US and Canadian auto repair and maintenance industry annual revenue is $115 Billion. 66% of motorists do not trust auto repair centers in general. 73% of them claim the  primary reason is that they feel they were recommended unnecessary repairs. However, 61% of motorists approved additional work when their advisor used a tablet to provide more clarity of what needs to be repaired.

There are over 122,000 after-market service shops and new car dealers in the US and Canada.  90% of which do not use digital inspection software and rely on clipboards, pen and paper.

Customers and Partners

cp5 The raise will fund expansion of Sales, Customer Success, Marketing & Product Development to accelerate revenue growth


Investment Method

Seeking $2m Series-A funding


Toronto, Canada.

Clients: US and Canada