Project Phonic is the first audio brand specifically dedicated to the needs of kids & young adults.

With a passion for technology, design and problem solving, Project Phonic delivers functional and stylish audio solutions that deliver the needs and wants for active kids and young adult lifestyles.

Phonic was founded in 2009 as an accessory OEM and in 2015 was re-oriented to focus exclusively on the fast- growing, children’s audio needs market.

Now after four years Project Phonic have established themselves as the #1  dominate player in this ever expanding market.



Project Phonic produces (parent approved) kid-safe, kid-proof and kid-friendly solutions to the growing problem of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) that the “Journal of Paediatrics” say affect 12.5% of the population between 6 and 19 years of age.


Kid Headphones ages 3-7 years

  • Limited to 85db
  • Sold in bright colours
  • Fun ways for kids to decorate
  • Tough & flexible design
  • Social features allow up to
    four kids to listen to same source


Early Teen Headphones ages 8 – 15 years

  • Configurable maximum volume 85db to 94db
  • Bluetooth wireless option with 19-hour battery life.
  • Waterproof option
  • Microphone for use with mobile devices and gaming


Young Adult Headphones ages 16 and up

Offering additional features to enhance learning by making vocals crisp and clear, ideal in educational situations to enhance concentration.

Project Phonic is now positioned for aggressive growth of its existing products  and is developing extension products to address needs in education and behaviour disorders with  tools to manage attention deficit related issues.


Product Development

A holistic solution to attention deficit disorders is planned to start   releasing  product solutions to market next year that provide a biofeedback interface through a “Smart Headset”, controlled via mobile app / computer and interacting through cloud AI and links and third party practitioners.

The purpose is to provide individuals, parents, educators and professionals with an early warning of anxiety and stress levels combined with the ability to deliver calming audio remedies real-time while tracking results for improved analytics.


Progress To Date – Existing Products

  • Over one million units sold to date
  • Available world-wide on Amazon
  • Double digit growth for three years straight
  • Sold through 43 Distributers in 64 countries
  • Sales distribution, 1/3 US, 1/3 EU, 1/3 APAC
  • In 1,700 Target stores across the US
  • White label sales through major airlines
  • Over 71 active customers
  • Over 38 product SKU’s



Market Notables

  • Audio wearable market is USD 15.96B, with 4.6% CAGR
  • The economic impact of attention deficit disorders is now
    USD 468B, growing to USD 761B over the next seven years
  • 83% of todays adolescent students own a smart phone and or tablet and utilize headphones in education


Investment and Use of Funds

Raising  Series “A” of up to US$7.5 mm equity funding

  • Expand sales team & establish overseas sales offices
  • Increase marketing spend in US and Europe
  • Further develop therapeutic product offering
  • Provide working capital to support increased product demand



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