Project Carriage modernizes the USD 100 billion Funeral Care industry with environmentally sustainable products and advanced digital business services.

Project Carriage’s high-quality, strong and light-weight caskets deliver superior and affordable personalization, and minimized emissions for cremation funerals; now the preferred choice in more than 50% of deaths in our major markets and growing.

Project Carriage’s digital SaaS platform improves industry supply chain transparency and management and provides industry specific business improvement software tools enhancing front and back office operations for funeral directors.

After seven+ years of operation and already selling 4th generation product in eight countries, Project Carriage is poised to become a US billion dollar business by rapidly capturing 30% of cremation casket sales in major markets within five years.

Recognized by the industry as having the best cremation casket on the market, Project Carriage is currently in discussion with major funeral directors in multiple markets who are currently testing product and negotiating supply. Project Carriage is seeking US$10m expansion capital to address strong industry demand.


Introducing Project Carriage

  • 7+ years of development, selling 4th generation product
  • Goal to be US$1 billion business in five years by capturing 30% of cremation funerals in target markets
  • SaaS platform solutions for product personalization, partner services, lean operations, global supply chain management and fast market roll-out
  • Environmentally superior and affordable products addressing industry demands and consumer requirements
  • High margin, annuity business model driven by stable and increasing annual deaths and cremation rates


Experienced industry personnel with cross-industry experience. Team has run national Funeral Care leaders, understands the traditional and conservative industry and are ideally suited to partner with funeral directors and other industry players to drive change.


Market Opportunity

Global: 55 million deaths annually, USD 100 billion industry

Initial Markets (at 30% cremation market share):

  • Over 1 mil deaths (excl. China), USD 300 million market
  • Nearly 3 mil deaths (incl. China), USD 875 million market


Scalable Business Model

Outsourced Manufacture: In each country / region, local industry specialist sales teams paired with local, existing, third party product fabrication & distribution partners support and supply local funeral director clients.

Software Driven Operations: All operations are managed on Project Carriage Saas digital platform enabling transparency, lean operations, industry engagement, central control and swift market roll-out.

On-Line Resources: Run in each market as an on-line business, Project Carriage’s systems are digital hubs modernizing the industry for consumers, industry players, third party product and service providers.

Phased Global Expansion:

UK (2017) → Europe (2019) → Asia & USA (2020) → beyond


Customers and Partners

Market leading Funeral Directors / Co-Ops

Regional Large Format Printing and Packaging Groups

National Industry Specialist Advisors / Rain-makers


Investment Highlights

  • Seeking up to US$10m growth capital
  • Global market opportunity, high-margin annuity revenues and a scalable, low-cost business model
  • Annuity business with no dominant players
  • Disruptive technology advantage with combination of proprietary IP and SaaS enabled scalability



Sydney Australia, Gloucester UK, Hong Kong



Seeking US$10m Series-A funding