We are pleased to announce that Peter Allen has joined Eaton Square as a Principal in Ottawa, Canada.


Peter brings with him more than 35 years of management experience working in large multinational corporations, as a founder of a venture backed start up business and as the CEO of a high tech public company.


  • 领导一家市值25亿美元并在多地拥有超过4000名员工的光电子元件公司,该公司向国际市场提供激光器、光接收器和无源元件。
  • 领导并完成了包括关停业务和剥离非核心业务的收购项目重组任务
  • 多个全球并购项目,收购金额从1000万美元到35亿美元不等
  • 某硅谷风险投资公司的创始人,致力于研究长距离光网络的光学解决方案,包括光交换和控制平面功能
  • 另一家风投公司的高管,旗下数个项目正在多伦多证券交易所和纳斯达克上市
  • 在电信、无线和光学领域拥有着丰富的经验,同时也曾汽车行业工作
  • Practised in global markets with more than $1B of revenues in North America, EMEA, India and Japan. Establish a Joint Venture in India.
  • Peter has lived and worked in Europe, Africa and North America. He is both a UK and Canadian citizen and divides his time between Ottawa, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.


Peter is joining the Canadian team. You can contact Peter at [email protected] or via phone: +1 416 640 7124 or +1 613 853 3030.

里斯 · 亚当斯


里斯·阿德南斯(Reece Adnams)是伊顿广场(Eaton Square)的首席执行官兼全球董事总经理,他是成立于2008年的技术,服务和其他成长型公司的并购与资本服务顾问。

[email protected] 61 03 8199 7911 eatonsq.com