We asked our Principals from across the globe to identify the types of firms that are most in-demand as acquisition targets for strategic and PE buyers. Below is a compilation of 11 types of firms that acquirers are looking to buy.


Media and Entertainment

#1: North American media company with recurring revenue, particularly royalty revenue such as rights to film, TV, music libraries. With the explosion of consumer entertainment platforms, institutional investors are looking for content sources and libraries that are under-exploited.

#2: Physical studio space for film, television and still photography. Although production is at a standstill, investors are anticipating a surge in demand for studio space when production resumes.

亚伦·迈耶森(Aaron Meyerson)

Please contact:

亚伦·迈耶森(Aaron Meyerson)
Principal, 洛杉矶
[email protected]

Staffing and Related Services Business

#3: Staffing & related services businesses serving clients in Asia-Pacific

We have clients looking to buy Information Technology focused staffing, payroll, and related services firms that serve multi-national and leading domestic clients in the Asia/Pac region. Strong sales capability required. Small to medium-size businesses welcome.

亚历克斯 希尔Please contact:

亚历克斯 希尔
Managing Principal, Hong Kong
[email protected]

Healthcare and Biotech

#4: ‘Silver tech’ in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the adoption of tech by older adults. We have clients looking to buy smart home technology, telehealth technologies such as Workforce Scheduling Systems and Health Record Systems, emergency response systems, wander management systems and those providing financial virtual services or online entertainment.

尼古拉斯·韦斯顿Please contact:

Managing Principal, Melbourne
[email protected]


#5: Pharma, biotech and medical devices in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific

The COVID-19 pandemic has had major impacts on in the pharma, biotech and medical device sectors across the US, Asia and Europe. We have clients looking to buy businesses with COVID-19 and related products immediately, also the market for the acquisition of quality assets for non COVID-19 technologies is still very strong.

鲍勃 · 阿特威尔Please contact:

鲍勃 · 阿特威尔
Principal, Melbourne
[email protected]


Manufacturing and Logistics

#6: Manufacturing and logistics consulting in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the manufacturing sector across the US, Asia and Europe. We have clients looking to buy consulting and IT services firms that can improve manufacturing and logistics efficiency, especially through digital transformation and advanced technology.

里斯 · 亚当斯Please contact:

里斯 · 亚当斯
Global Managing Principal
[email protected]



Public Sector Consulting

#7: Public Sector Consulting in the US, Europe and Australia

COVID-19 has had an impact on the level of demand from the private sector for management consulting services. We have clients that are seeking to rebalance their portfolio of services and increase their activity in the public sector, either at federal, state or local level.

Firms of interest include those that offer specialist services to government, such as business case development, business process and systems streamlining, applying technology – in areas such as social support, health, education and infrastructure development.

Firms with long-term contracts, in-house IP and embedded expertise are of particular interest.

沃伦·里德尔Please contact:

Principal, Sydney
[email protected]

Fintech and Business Automation

#8: Fintech solutions and business automation platforms providers based in the Asia-Pacific, US, or Europe

The current market disruption has seen a number of successful and well placed mid-size IT solution providers that address the financial services and insurance sectors looking to grow via acquisition or through strategic investments. If you have a SaaS platform or provide IT solutions in this space, we several parties interested in talking to you.

杰夫·利姆Please contact:

Principal, Auckland
[email protected]


#9: Healthcare and financial software businesses with recurring revenues in Australia

Despite the uncertainty in financial markets, we have cashed-up clients seeking software businesses in the healthcare and financial sectors to acquire, while allowing management autonomy in continuing to grow their enterprises.

Peter M HallPlease contact:

Principal, Sydney
[email protected]



Cyber Security Services

#10: Cyber Security Services (Managed Services / Professional Services) firms in AsiaPac, Europe and Latin America

The last 6 months have seen a large jump in the shift to remote working and the requirement for secure systems extending beyond the organisation’s traditional perimeter. We have more than one global client interested in buying mid-size cybersecurity services firms with a turnover
of circa $40M+ to augment their managed and professional services capabilities.

尼克•凯利Please contact:

Nicholas Kelly
Principal, Milan
[email protected]


Technology and Software

#11: Technology-enabled Software as a service (SaaS) and recurring-revenue based businesses in North America.

We have a range of strategic, private equity, and technology businesses who are keen to acquire more synergistic capabilities – especially those who have profitability in excess of $1m p.a.

安德鲁•莱特Please contact:

Managing Principal, Toronto
[email protected]



If you see an opportunity that suits you, feel free to contact any of our Principals.

If you are an acquirer and would like to add to this list, please send us a message and we’ll make sure to add your target firms as well.

里斯 · 亚当斯


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